Loobylou Candles - MORE THAN THIS… Aroma Mist
Loobylou Candles - MORE THAN THIS… Aroma Mist
Loobylou Candles - MORE THAN THIS… Aroma Mist

Loobylou Candles - MORE THAN THIS… Aroma Mist

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MORE THAN THIS  ...  (ginger, cucumber + aloe with agave, mint, lemon, mimosa + cedar)

This range was created with the sole intention of supporting the Leukaemia Foundation and those who need them. I know, because I was one of them. Loobylou Candles itself was an idea formed in an isolation room at Royal North Shore Hospital in 2011. It was during my treatment for Stage 4 Angio-immunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma that I planned my own candle range full of nothing but goodness. It is only by the grace of numerous blood donors, and an incredible young man donating his bone marrow that I'm even here to offer these products to you.

These two scents have been inspired by things that made me feel a little better when combating my own treatment side-effects, low energy and general feelings of it all being just a little more than I could handle. These products are made by someone who walks this journey with you, and are named to be a reminder for those still fighting, on the days when you need reminding that: You Are, and you are so much More Than This...

The flame itself represents the beautifully fierce yet fragile nature of your life force. The idea of the mists are that the patient / carer / friend still has access to the healing fragrances, and can still create a moment of pause or reflection. They are designed for use in any space where a candle may not be suitable (ie. a hospital room with oxygen tanks, weird smells and the horrifying odour of the food trolley!)  

The candle celebrates you, your life, and your fight. The profits are being directly donated to a cause that supports you during this journey. This is a promise I made back in that room in 2011 when it didn't look like I'd see light again, so I dreamed of a flame. This is the why.

100ml bottle

Aroma Mist / Room spray


  • This product can be purchased separately or in a set with the matching candle fragrance at a reduced price. For more details on the mist click here.
  • All LoobyLou Candles profits from this sale are donated directly to the Leukaemia Foundation.
  • Story of Things donates $1 to charity for every order placed. LoobyLou Candles have decided to match our donations (aren’t they lovely!!) out of their profits for any order placed on their products. 
    To find out more about Story of Things charity donations click here

Aroma Mist / Room spray is designed to be used as a space spray (not a perfume or hairspray). Our ingredients are all clean and safe, but have not been tested for use other that space mist. The product is fabric safe, but wouldn’t recommend spraying close directly on to fabric as it contains oils. We find it works best sprayed into the centre of the room.

          Story of Things donates $1 to charity for every order placed. Find out more here