Loobylou Candles - Classic. Collection Aroma Mist 200ml - NO.1 honey + cucumber
Loobylou Candles - Classic. Collection Aroma Mist 200ml - NO.1 honey + cucumber

Loobylou Candles - Classic. Collection Aroma Mist 200ml - NO.1 honey + cucumber

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The Classic, original collection is comprised of 14 hand-blended fragrances in a monochrome design. Housed in premium amber glassware, with our simple graphic, the aroma mists are a timeless addition to any space or style. True to our beginnings, each scent features a quote intended to inspire contemplation.

One of our most perfect pairings, the warm sultry and deep fragrance of honey connected with the clean crisp and natural smell of cucumber makes this candle uniquely harmonious and perfect for a multitude of uses. Wonderful in living and sleeping zones, along with kitchens and bathrooms. Honey + cucumber is sure to be a hit with male and female, home and office, and young and old. Its versatility and unique blending will no doubt make this new candle a quick best seller.

We believe in treading gently on the Earth, hand-crafting natural scented products of the highest quality. Loobylou is inspired by the connection between fragrance, emotion and memory.  We take pride in creating our own unique scents, blending both perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils to create safe and stable products, with nothing unnecessary or ugly added.

We celebrate the artistry and originality of hand-made, using the absolute cleanest ingredients across all of our product ranges.

200ml bottle

Aroma Mist / Room spray


  • This product can be purchased separately or in a set with the matching white candle at a reduced price. For more details on the candle click here.
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Aroma Mist / Room spray is designed to be used as a space spray (not a perfume or hairspray). Our ingredients are all clean and safe, but have not been tested for use other that space mist. The product is fabric safe, but wouldn’t recommend spraying close directly on to fabric as it contains oils. We find it works best sprayed into the centre of the room.

        Story of Things donates $1 to charity for every order placed. Find out more here