Jac.Weave - Mystery Bay #2
Jac.Weave - Mystery Bay #2
Jac.Weave - Mystery Bay #2

Jac.Weave - Mystery Bay #2

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Our wonderful friend and weaver Jacquie Lazzarotto has a personal connection to the South Coast of NSW as an annual holiday destination for her family. Her Mystery Bay Series  of weaves here at Story of Things is inspired by the area and it’s people. Moved by the current Australian fire disaster, we along with Jacquie will be donating 100% of proceeds of “Mystery Bay #1, #2 & #3” to the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund.
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“A small series of weaves inspired by the underwater life at Mystery Bay on the Sapphire Coast - South Coast NSW.
Every year we holiday in this region, we discover more and more beauty, from the stunning coastline, rolling green hills of the hinterland, sacred sites, incredible local produce and a community we feel very much a part of and embraced by.” - Jacquie Lazzarotto of JAC.weave. 

One of a kind handwoven wall hanging from soft natural hand dyed yarns in Melbourne, Australia.

approx. 80cm x 34cm

MULTI – Claret, blue/green/grey, cream, apricot, mint & violet
(Incorporating hand-dyed yarn with copper, onion skins and eucalyptus

Wool, antique natural dyed lace, cotton rope, recycled denim on driftwood, wooden & handmade ceramic beads

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