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Ferro Forma - Perforated Earrings - Stainless Steel

Ferro Forma - Perforated Earrings - Stainless Steel

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Ferro Forma Christmas deadlines. They ask that you put in your order by 1st Nov to be assured of delivery for Christmas. This is due to the longer postal times as well as the made to order nature of their work. 
On a second note they will be taking a well earned break over summer with last orders on the 16th of November 2021 and reopening the workshop from 10th Jan.


A burst of rhythmic perforations elevates and adds beautiful fine detailing. Hints of sunlight pierce through when at just the right angle, creating eye catching shadows and reflections. A stunningly simple earring, a new favourite. 

Both the earring and earring hoop are custom made in-house in stainless steel, a robust, durable and lightweight material and often a preferred option for those with sensitive ears.

Packaged in our high quality branded jewellery boxes and wrapped carefully for shipping.

The Ferro Forma Collection which these earring are a part of brings together sculptural forms and striking geometry to create a balanced collection of contemporary earrings.

We combine our traditional toolmaking skills and vast knowledge of metalsmithing with our refined, minimal aesthetic.  Each piece is artfully handcrafted in stainless steel with a hint of playful movement. The result, a stunning contemporary collection that will transcend seasonal trends to last a lifetime.

As with all our work, this collection is proudly made by us in our metalsmithing workshop in our home town of Braidwood, on the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

Made in stainless steel for optimal durability and available in two stunning finishes – bright stainless steel and a rich black powdercoated finish.


Small - Earring disc measures 25mm diameter and is hung on a 25mm diameter hoop.
Large - Earring disc measures 31mm diameter and is hung on a 31mm diameter hoop.

Handcrafted in stainless steel with a powdercoated finish and a stainless steel earring hoop

  • This item is made when ordered. Please allow up to 2 weeks for its production.

Stainless Steel: 
Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant and very durable material making it a wonderful material for jewellery. Although it is called stainless steel it still requires some care to keep it looking at its best. We recommend following our general care tips as above. 

Each piece is cleaned with a stainless steel cleaning product before we pack them into their jewellery boxes. This cleaning step removes fingerprints and other marks. It also leaves a thin transparent film on the surface which protects against these marks re-appearing.

To clean fingerprints from the surface, wash by hand use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water marks staining the surface.

Powdercoated surfaces:
Our rich black finish in the Ferro Forma Collection is a powdercoated surface. Powdercoating is a strong durable surface treatment. However, as with all our pieces they should always be treated with care. Never store the pieces near anything abrasive or sharp as this can damage the surface. Should they need a clean, use warm mildy soapy water with a soft cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Stainless steel earring wires in the Ferro Forma Collection: 
We hand-make each of our earring wires here in the workshop. They are made from 100% stainless steel and are often a preferred choice for those with sensitive ears. Stainless is a very strong metal, which means the earring wires will not easily deform with regular use.
The hoops will spring open when unhooked - allowing the earring to be put on. Once secured together again, there is tension in the metal meaning they won’t accidentally spring open when worn. The long style earring hooks have a kick in the end to allow them to be easily put on and they will retain their shape with even the most regular use.

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