Alison Jackson - Curve Earrings
Alison Jackson - Curve Earrings
Alison Jackson - Curve Earrings

Alison Jackson - Curve Earrings

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Our Curve Earrings are elegant and refined, featuring strong geometry referencing architectural forms. Their angled edges catch the light beautifully and show off the angled detail at each tip. 

Packaged in our high quality branded jewellery boxes and wrapped carefully for shipping.


Measuring approx. 24mm in length

Sterling silver

General Care
We make every effort to ensure each piece looks its best when it leaves our hands 

Normal everyday things, including chlorinated water, cleaning chemicals, sweat and oil from our skin, can affect the appearance of the metals we use in our jewellery pieces.  It’s always best to remove your jewellery if you are taking a shower, doing exercise or using cleaning chemicals and always put on jewellery after applying makeup or sunscreens.  This will greatly reduce the need to clean your jewellery pieces and help keep them looking their best for years to come.

Sterling Silver
Our Sterling silver jewellery pieces have been finished with beautiful bright satin surface.  Silver wears beautifully over time, it polishes itself in areas of wear and scratches and marks often add character and warmth to the piece. Silver also naturally tarnishes over time from exposure to the elements; this often appears in the form of darkening of the surface. General care, storage and cleaning is the best way to slow this process down.  The use of a silver polishing cloth or silver specific polishing liquid is a great way to remove more stubborn tarnishing. Of course we’re always happy to give your piece a professional clean and spruce up – we offer a cleaning, re-plating and repair service for all our work, please get in touch to find out more.


  • Stock Levels - We endeavour to have one or two in stock at all times, however if we have a sudden run on them we will need approx 2 weeks to replenish it.

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