Abby Seymour – Peak Sterling Silver Bangle
Abby Seymour – Peak Sterling Silver Bangle

Abby Seymour – Peak Sterling Silver Bangle

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Peak is a bold and contemporary silver bangle displaying heavily textured elements inspired by details and forms in the landscape. Its soft triangular shape paired with a combination of patterned surfaces allow the light to display texture and warmth.

The Peak bangle is a unique piece of statement jewellery that can be worn alone and match any outfit.

This design is also available in brass.

A contemporary reflection of the diverse forms taken by Australia’s ever-evolving land, Landscape references Australia’s natural architecture. Like the land itself, Landscape is simultaneously structured and fluid; bold and delicate.



  • 62mm Internal Diameter 
  • 15mm height
  • 7mm gauge

Sterling silver 

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General: Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your jewellery will stay beautiful.

Apply all beauty products, such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant, before putting on your jewellery.

Jewellery should be removed prior to swimming or doing household chores which involve the use of abrasive cleaners or chemicals.

It is also not advised to clean jewellery products with abrasive cleaning products or even proprietary jewellery cleaning products to restore pieces, doing so may damage the jewellery. 

Only use mild soapy water.

Contact Abby to use her repair service or professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a deeper and safer cleaning of jewellery pieces (except Oxidised Silver)

Please note colour changes to the surface of the metals may be part of natural wear-and-tear and not usually manufacturing faults.

To avoid the rate of oxidisation / tarnishing to your silver jewellery it is recommended to store them in a zip lock bag to prevent the acceleration of this process.

In order to clean or bring the sterling silver back to it's beautiful bright white state there are a couple of ways to you can do this.
Silver polishing cleaner, available from most hardware stores can be used to dip your silver piece into and then rinse, this can be smelly and poisonous and if the wrong chemicals are used this could damage the piece.
A great alternative that I would recommend is toothpaste, apply a small amount on a brush with a bit of water and lightly scrub the piece to clean your silver perfectly. Once cleaned you can run it under the water and dry. 

Another safe bio method is to use bi-carb soda, mix a tea spoon with a 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of water and use the same method as the toothpaste.

For heavily tarnished silver the most effective method to brighten and restore your jewellery is to use an ultrasonic cleaner.