Our Story


Story of Things is the brainchild and passion project of Jess Reftel Evans & Martin Reftel of Amorfo Photography and Petrina Turner of Petrina Turner Design. It brings together the visual expertise, business experience and an intimate knowledge of the Australian design community of these three passionate creatives.

The three first met in 2015 photographing one of Petrina’s Interior design projects, introduced by stylist Megan Morton. Not only did Petrina, Jess & Martin share a passion for creating and capturing beautiful spaces, it quickly became apparent that in their respective businesses they focus on the stories of their clients as a pivotal part of their process. This initial two day shoot turned into a regular working relationship and friendship.

When you combine Jess & Martin’s extensive, and widely published work in interiors, food and lifestyle photography including imagery for local creatives book publications, with Petrina’s passion as a designer, stylist and maker, and her love of featuring the work of Australian designed and made furniture, lighting and accessories throughout her interior design and styling projects, something magic was destined to happen.

Their shared passion for the unique stories of Australian design and its creators led to the establishment of Story of Things.

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