Warisa Somsuphangsri of Warisa

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Warisa has lived and worked in Melbourne since 2004, but has always enjoyed creating things since she was little. In 2007, she completed the Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Melbourne where she explored a range of media: printmaking, metalworking, photography and filmmaking. It is only in the last few years that she has been drawn to ceramics for their sculptural, three-dimensional and tactile qualities. She picked up porcelain because she was attracted to its smooth, fine, white clay body. And so began this journey.
Warisa makes a range of small hand-built porcelain pieces. Delicate, minimal and functional, her work ranges from planters, vases and dishes to jewellery pieces. She loves to create objects that are petite and simple, at times with hand-drawn shapes and animals. As her practice developed she started to experiment with shapes and colour by combining elements of thread and yarn, adding another dimension of tactility, and pops of colour to the pieces. Her porcelain pieces play with their tangibility and activate our senses.
Warisa enjoys coming home from her day job to work on her ceramics in the evenings and on weekends. She has set up a little workspace at home and likes to create on a small scale, in small batches. She does not own a kiln and takes her work to fire at a local ceramics studio.
Warisa likes to draw her ideas before making, though sometimes she will let the form guide her as she makes. This is what she loves most about hand building, each piece forms and falls differently and is unique in its own way.
When Warisa first started selling at local markets, she worked through trial and error, experimenting and observing how people responded to her range. She finds this really interesting part of her process, so she can gain feedback on what works. Having said that what matters the most to Warisa when creating her range is being true to herself and working with what appeals to her. Through this she believes her work connects with people who share and appreciate a similar aesthetic.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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