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Creative Minds’ aim is to publish high-quality books that provide practical advice and oodles of inspiration for creative professionals. Whether it’s a practical, information-based book like Owning It, or more interview-based like The Leap Stories and Conversations with Creative Women, the underlying theme is to educate the reader about the tools you need to make creative work a sustainable livelihood. But a tangential goal for Creative Minds as a business is to increase visibility - even in small ways - for women and their experiences.  
Tess McCabe Of Creative Minds’s first book – Conversations with Creative Women – was born from a desire to understand how other women in different creative industries handle the hurdles of living a creative life long term (and making money in the process!). Not the only uber-successful female entrepreneurs everyone has heard of, but women with a smaller profile but no less valid experience and creative talent. In Conversations Tess had created the book she wanted to read… which is why she’s now up to Volume Three (there are just so many interesting women out there to talk to… too many for one book!).
Profiling women was the basis of the Conversations with Creative Women series. But Tess has also collaborated with female authors for two other Creative Minds titles: Kylie Lewis, author of The Leap Stories, and Sharon Givoni, author of Owning It.
Within those two books they tried to highlight the work of more women, and in the case of Owning It, provide some really practical advice for people making a living from their creative ideas (known in the legal industry as intellectual property!). The split of gender representation in creative books that showcase work or gather interviews, are more often than not weighted more heavily toward men, that Tess hopes her books (without all of them profiling only women) will rebalance that a bit!
Tess loves having a business where she too benefits from the products she makes as much as her customers do. She says she’s learned so much in the process of publishing her books, and finds that her curiosity in a subject usually aligns with enough people that there is real community support behind what she does at Creative Minds. That’s a great feeling – to make something that comes from an authentic place, and feel the underpinning of community there to support you when you release it into the world.
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