Shireen Brown of State of Permanence

The proud creation of Shireen Brown, STATE of PERMANENCE was born from a simple love of everything clay.
The name STATE of PERMANENCE comes from the process of moulding and shaping soft, pliable clay into a solid, unchanging “state of permanence” through numerous firings up to temperatures of 1280C.  This sense of permanence is carried through to the company logo and makers mark which is actually an imprint of Shireen’s engagement ring. The top of the ring is actually used as a stamp on many of the pieces (see if you can find it on each piece).  
Shireen has always been creative with an exquisite artistic eye. She attended a number of classes and courses in various mediums (including floral and rope) but it wasn’t until Shireen attended a short ceramics class that she found the material with which she truly connected.  The very first time she touched clay was a pivotal and life changing moment.  Clay became an obsession so Shireen threw herself in the deep end by taking numerous workshops to quickly extend and improve her knowledge, techniques and understanding of pottery.  During this time, Shireen tested the idea of turning her passion into a business and began selling at markets and eventually from her online store. She was quickly recognised by her peers and clay fever had truly taken over.  STATE of PERMANENCE was born and Shireen found she was driven by a need to learn more.  So despite the natural talent and quality of her work, and with much help and encouragement from her husband and three kids she decided to undertake and complete a Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen.
STATE of PERMANENCE has it’s own unique look and style. All pieces are handmade in Melbourne with materials sourced within Victoria. The design elements that influence the overall aesthetic would be defined by the urban environment in which Shireen has lived and where the work is produced. Strong angles with shadow and light play a huge part in the design, not unlike the angles and shadows produced by the buildings and skyscrapers of most cities of the world. 
From a slab of clay to finished piece of work, various methods of production are employed including wheel thrown, pinched or slab work.  Each technique allowing the creator to bring a multitude of their own unique possibilities which are only limited by the makers imagination. For STATE of PERMANENCE, both aesthetics and function are considered in the design and creation of all their products, making them not only look terrific, they are also functional.
Quality is the core business value, with Shireen often being asked why she doesn’t sell some of her pieces, the ones that to her are not perfect, but to others have no faults. Every piece is hand-made bringing with it it’s very own uniqueness. Shireen loves it when you take care in selecting the pieces that fit you perfectly whether it be weight, shape, texture, balance, design, aesthetics, a number of these, or something you just can’t put your your finger on but you know you can’t do without it.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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