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Based in Melbourne, Sarah Makes These is the creative venture of Sarah Armitage, a jewellery designer with a flair for combining unconventional materials to create contemporary, easy to wear pieces with a distinctive style. 
The brand was established in late 2013 from humble beginnings with a range of necklaces and bracelets that were designed for a local fundraising event. The pieces were so well received, Sarah decided to cement her ideas in jewellery design and start a formal small business. 
So much of the Sarah Makes These unique aesthetic stems from the many creative pursuits of Sarah's past. At university, studying Ceramic Design, was where Sarah struggled to fit the mould of potter at the wheel that the lecturers insisted upon, preferring instead to create sculptural forms from clay which allowed Sarah to explore her artistry in a more organic way. Then, after her studies, working in the Visual Merchandising field for many years, gave Sarah the opportunity to stretch her creative abilities whilst also utilising her talents in organisation and her eye for detail. As a result Sarah's designs are an extension of her Ceramic and Visual Merchandising knowledge; breaking with tradition by using surprisingly different materials in a flamboyant manner and yet keeping her style quite structured and precise. 
The Sarah Makes These collection consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all handcrafted by Sarah in her home studio. Each piece is individually created from a combination of clothbound electrical cord, wound with coloured embroidery thread. They are further embellished with custom made gold and brass components along with finely crafted tassels and gold coloured crafters wire. Silver plated nickel free and lead free ends, clasps and earring studs complete them.


A fascination with both colour and texture is what binds this collection together. The cord that forms the basis for each piece is very tactile and easily manipulated into shape. Add to it the structured thread winding, the rugged brass embellishments and the soft delicate nature of the tassels and the final product is a complete mix of hard and soft texture and detail. The style of the current range takes its design cues from bold and unexpected colour combinations and striking silhouettes with a distinctive element of fun.  
Sarah's creativity, whether it is in the form of a handcrafted necklace or a gorgeously wrapped gift, stems from a practical, hands on approach. There are no preliminary sketches or solid plans. Sarah's best work evolves form having a range of different materials spread out in front of her to let the ideas flow and her hands create. For Sarah, experimentation is the key to the success of each design, somewhat like a jigsaw where each piece can only fit perfectly in one spot but often would appear as though there were a few places it could belong. It is only when the puzzle is 99% complete and that elusive last piece can be positioned that the whole image is revealed and that the design, whether it be jigsaw or jewellery, is 100% complete. 
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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  • Tiff Manuell

    Such a total delight to see this gorgeous lady up close and hear about her processes. I have followed Sarah for a long time on insta and have been always inspired by her beautifully detailed range.

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