Natalie Jarvis of Electric Confetti

Kiwi-born and Melbourne-based Natalie Jarvis started Electric Confetti when looking for a fun neon sign to decorate her then two-year-old daughter Matilda’s bedroom. When Natalie couldn’t find the right style of neon sign (everything available looked like it belonged in a ‘man cave’ or a takeaway shop), she set about looking for ways to create her own.
While exploring traditional neon, Natalie discovered LED neon flex, a medium that was durable, low-energy and, with dimming abilities, perfect for a little lady’s night light! Soon thereafter, Natalie began experimenting with the design and different manufacturing techniques of LED neon and created some prototypes. From there, Electric Confetti was born, as she created a line of off-the-shelf product. Natalie soon saw exciting opportunities for custom product, after designing a couple’s crest - with names and insignia - for a good friend’s wedding.
The highly visual nature of Electric Confetti soon garnered a large following on Instagram, with a feed that exclusively showcases the brand’s own designs. Through Instagram, particularly, Natalie has made rich friendships with other like-minded businesswomen, learning and sharing together. Short business courses were especially helpful in making connections and navigating the sometimes murky world of social media. Very much in the growth stage of her business, Natalie is still learning on the hoof, and excited by the many new and unexpected opportunities that have opened up, mostly by being receptive to new things. In July this year, landing second place in the Lane Crawford ‘Creative Call Out’ has been a particular thrill. The Lane Crawford luxury goods specialty stores, based in Hong Kong and China, have provided an exciting avenue into new markets in Asia.
The bright lights of Hong Kong are all a very long way from Invercargill, the southernmost and westernmost city in New Zealand where Natalie grew up. It was there, hanging out after school in her dad’s antique and old wares shop that Natalie’s love of design was born. As a child, pretty floral teacups and saucers from the 40s and 50s were Natalie’s first design crush, and as a teenager her appreciation grew for the exquisite 1930s ceramics of English artist Clarice Cliff, the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka, and the work of Bauhaus. Perhaps subconsciously, deciding to work in a neon-like product has been a melding of all of Natalie’s influences, down to the Art Deco design of her vintage engagement ring (the 1930s being a prime time in neon, evident in the signage of many beautiful cinema theatres from that era that have stood the test of time).
When working in children’s publishing, Natalie learned that visual simplicity and clean lines is key for the most impact, and is also necessary in the design of LED neon art. Whenever Natalie is stuck on a design, she goes back to those principals first learned when she was a young book designer.
With the vast majority of Electric Confetti’s work being custom designs and always very different, Natalie’s processes at Electric Confetti involve brainstorming with other designers, looking at inspiration provided by clients, and staying ahead of broader trends in interior style, graphic design, and referring back to the artists and designers that first inspired her as a young girl. With design work often a collaborative process between designers at the Electric Confetti studio, Natalie always refers above all else, to the brief to ensure the best bespoke outcome, and happiness for her clients.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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