Lauren Hassett of Middle Child

Designer Lauren Hassett has been passionately pursuing her creative vision since completing her university studies in her early 20’s. Her very first venture into jewellery design came about when her sister opened a hair salon and asked her if she could make some earrings to offer to her clients, at this time Lauren was studying Industrial Design at RMIT, it was 2001. Big earrings were a thing back then too, and her flamboyant designs were quickly snapped up and also caught the eye of a woman who owned a store in the seaside town of Lorne.  The enthusiasm of this established retailer really ignited something in Lauren, who since that time has continued to pursue her creative path.
 It was 2005 when Lauren first showcased Oktoberdee in a trade fair environment, picking up retailers from across Australia and New Zealand. The Oktoberdee collection at this time had a focus of jewellery and leather accessories, such as soft tie belts and her iconic leather Cravelle design. A year later Oktoberdee would expand to include leather handbags, purses and wallets.
In 2017 it became abundantly clear that the two distinct lines, leather goods and jewellery, needed their own space and story.  Middle Child is the new brand offering distinctive hand crafted jewellery, while Oktoberdee continues its path as a luxe leather brand. Lauren is seizing the moment to breathe a new fresh aesthetic  into the collection of jewellery. And the brand has hit a sweet spot, in a very saturated market, Lauren’s 15 years of experience comes to the fore, offering truly interesting  pieces, which sit alongside trends, but are not driven by them.
All Middle Child pieces are made in house, at Lauren’s Geelong studio. Each design is limited edition, opening space for continual evolution and refreshment.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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