Lara Cameron & Caitlin Klooger of Ink & Spindle

Ink & Spindle is a boutique textile studio located in Abbotsford, Melbourne, owned and run by designers Lara Cameron & Caitlin Klooger.
A desire to live, work and create in an ethical and sustainable manner has influenced how Ink & Spindle began and developed. Everything from their carefully selected materials and production processes, to their everyday business decisions is a reflection of Ink & Spindle’s aim to walk softly on the earth. They believe that it's important to be as transparent as possible about sustainable and eco friendly practices, and currently employ a number of business practices to minimise their impact on the earth.
Ink & Spindle love the tactile and organic nature of screen printed textiles, with each length of metreage carefully printed by hand - by their own hands in fact - on their 13 metre table. Each screen measures 1.8m tall and requires two people to handle at all times. They work their way down the table producing each design through a series of interlocking repeats. They use water based, solvent free inks, and print onto eco-linen, organic cotton, hemp & yak blend fabrics. All products are made locally or in-house in Ink & Spindle’s studio.
Prior to Ink & Spindle, Lara established her design career working as a web and graphic designer under her own name. Frustrated by the limitations of digital mediums she began experimenting with surface design & textiles, receiving lots of positive feedback and support via her personal blog. Co-founding Ink & Spindle was a natural progression that allowed Lara to engage with her creative output in a more tactile manner, whist enjoying the technical challenges of the medium.
Caitlin is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Inspired by the Australian landscape she enjoys experimenting with different mediums including block printing, charcoal, line drawing and acrylic & watercolour painting. She enjoys creating things in the studio and spending time with her busy young family.
Ink & Spindle’s designs are largely inspired by nature and their hometown of Melbourne. Rather than following current design or fashion trends too closely their aim is to design textiles that have inherent longevity and which will fit in your life for many years to come.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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