Jacquie Lazzarotto of Jac.Weave

Jacquie in her studio.

Art, craft and design have been woven into the fabric of Jacquie’s life for as long as she can remember.  As a child she would draw for hours, collect, hoard, decorate and re decorate her room. As a young adult Jacquie studied Art, Architecture and Interior Decoration & Design, working for herself and others in management, consulting and design. Jacquie has always been drawn to colour and how it affects our moods, senses, feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

Involving herself in various creative projects, whether as part of her husband’s Construction business, with her children or in her home has always been an important part of daily life. After seeing beautiful woven wall hangings by Textile Artist, Maryanne Moodie, Jacquie took one of her Beginner Workshops and a renewed love of colour, texture, design, creativity and most importantly, a real sense of community, found their new home on the loom. The process of weaving and natural dyeing is like its own meditation for Jacquie. It slows her pace, removes distraction, gives her space to think and create, and provides a sense of deep satisfaction.

jac weave studio images 

Even more exciting are other elements of the craft Jacquie has discovered through her community of makers who feed her passion for nature and the creative process. Jacquie has met people from all over the world who have introduced her to botanical dyeing and working with nature in a way she had never seen before. With her bowerbird tendencies elevated, Jacquie now dyes her own yarn from avocado to create the softest pinks, and forages a collection of fallen leaves, petals, lichen, tree nuts, bark and berries for making other beautiful colours.

 Jacquie scours second hand markets for aluminium saucepans to use as dye pots and has jars of copper and iron solutions solar dyeing on her studio windowsill to help turn botanical colours into different shades. The studio is her sanctuary, and the walls are lined with shelves for yarn, pots, dye matter, looms, birch branches and driftwood. Jacquie draws on her education and experience in design and her old RMIT colour wheel is always on hand to help spin up colour combinations for new projects. Artwork and interiors inspire Jacquie’s work along with experiences and emotions.

 Weaving is story telling at its most humble but most inspiring level and Jacquie loves nothing more than exploring those stories with beautifully sourced and hand-dyed yarn on her loom. Being surrounded by colour, nature and special things in the studio is like releasing her inner child. It has become an important space to help create balance and maintain the essence of who she is.

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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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