Daniel and Anthony de Groot of Tuckbox Design

Tuckbox Design is an Industrial Design and Manufacturing collaboration between brothers Daniel and Anthony de Groot, who launched their business in 2013. All products are designed and made in-house or locally. 
At their Melbourne workshop, they like to experiment with material and form, pursuing engineering simplicity whilst creating unique and experimental designs.
Their product collections, ‘Klein’, (2014) and ‘The Paper Set’ (2017) explore the way form and material interact with sunlight. 
Having spent a childhood pulling apart clocks, machines, cars and motorbikes alongside each other, the brothers have found their natural groove as creators and problem solvers. Their workshop is centred on the ability to be hands-on in the experimentation and discovery process - playing with and trialling ideas like scientists in a laboratory.
Sustainability forms a core part of their approach to work, from materials and processes, to the tools and machinery they use. Tellingly, their methods of repurposing older machinery and restoring it, and developing their own techniques to answer design questions and production techniques gives as much satisfaction as the end result.
Taking time to carefully select suppliers of raw materials ensures their supply chain implements sustainable practices, which embody the Tuckbox Design business ethos. Finishes on their timber products are chosen for quality, longevity and their low VOC compliance. Overall Tuckbox Design aims to make products that are friendly to your health and the health of our precious planet. 
They regularly consult and create unique commissions with architectural and interiors firms in the creation of pieces that are of exceptional quality and consideration.
Most recently they were nominated by Monocle magazine as part of their Top 50 most innovated designs.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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