Anna Thomas of Fractured Flora

Some people have called Anna an Artist, others a Photographer. In Anna’s own words “I don't think I can honestly claim either of those titles having never done the hard yards in either of those specific educational spheres - if I was forced to choose a title – Botanical Alchemist is a comfier fit.”
With a background in Architecture and Graphic Design, what Anna can claim is curiosity, an affinity for process driven endeavours and a good enough knowledge of how a camera works (with the googles to fill in the gaps when necessary). Combine that with an appreciation of botanical beauty in all it's permutations and fleeting variations, and a pretty clear idea of what constitutes a pleasing array of deconstructed floral components paused mid-flight.
In developing her process Anna would experiment with different varieties of florals. By immersing them into the liquid nitrogen, they become brittle and porcelain like. She would then gleefully fracture them on a hard surface and photograph the results. This is a fast and intuitive process as the flowers quickly start to oxidise and disintegrate as soon as they emerge from the vat.
Anna’s curiosity and play with liquid nitrogen began early on as a child, in her fathers medical practice where he would delight Anna and her siblings by dipping objects like flowers, and the odd banana, into it. When Anna had her own children, she began experimenting with liquid nitrogen again and exploring the results on a variety of flowers as a form of creative expression.
Anna’s process is both brutal and fragile in it’s deliberate destruction of the delicate flowers, and ethereal in quality. The result is Fractured Flora’s collection of beautiful photographic fine art prints.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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