Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour is an Australian jeweller renowned for her distinctive print mark making signature style. Her multifaceted and creative practice spans jewellery, objects and print, the diverse designs all entail detailed and intricate hand formed marks paired with bold, hard edge geometry, together reflecting a restrained and quiet simplicity that informs her cohesive brand identity. Abby's sensibilities are tied in respect with traditional techniques and paired with a refined and considered contemporary approach. Her jewellery is timeless and of today. Abby’s work draws inspiration from hidden details, subtle forms, the simplicity of textural details and layers in the environment. She strives to apply high attention to detail, artisan techniques and a sustainable ethos to every piece of work she produces.
While diverse in medium and form, Abby's body of work is cohesive and unmistakably recognisable for its intricate and refined aesthetic, distinct illustrative quality and bespoke detail.
Abby’s brand focuses on sustainability by using ethical business practices and materials with minimal impact on the environment. From initial design conception filtered through to the artist’s intricate marks inscribed by hand, precisely produced and then finely finished with high attention to detail. All pieces are made to last, of high quality and display top tier craftsmanship, accompanied by innovative and re-usable packaging.

While Abby works independently, her work and processes continue to be inspired by collaboration in one form or another. Based in Melbourne, she runs a boutique jewellery showroom where her jewels are on display in-store and the workshop they were made in is positioned directly behind. All pieces are made individually by hand on the premises, which offers a great insight for all customers. Abby is also passionate about engaging with her local community through teaching and workshops. Abby has worked with other retailers and galleries to provide a unique and tailored experience, engaging with their clientele and bridging the gap between how her items are crafted and offering her vast knowledge in the field as an experienced and highly regarded practitioner.
Abby Seymour is stocked and represented by Craft Victoria, Heide MOMA, Jam Factory, Queensland GOMA and the National Gallery of Australia along with other selected museums and boutique stores in Australia and internationally.
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Images: Amorfo
Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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