Chapter Seventeen

Mr Mister

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Chapter Sixteen

The Dreaming

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Chapter Fifteen


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Chapter Fourteen

Good Things Small Packages

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Chapter Thirteen

Fur Baby

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Chapter Twelve

The Thinker

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Chapter Seventeen - Mr Mister

Once upon a time…

Three creatives with a passion for the unique stories of Australian design and its creators established a go-to, thoughtfully curated and styled marketplace.

Together we have crafted a covetable collection of unique goods, homewares and accessories by Australian creators. Ethically made, with a touch of sparkle.

Brought to life through considered curation and wonderfully created visual stories, Story of Things will give you the chance to meet our creators, have a peek inside their world and buy a single, beautifully crafted piece, or take your cues from a collection of treasures. It means we do all of the hard work for you. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide when to stop adding to cart.

We share our creators stories because we believe that if who you bought it from and where is as important as what you bought, Story of Things is a part of your story too.

Here at Story of Things provenance is important. The story of the item is important. The story of the creator is important. The story of us is important.

Every couple of weeks we’ll publish a new chapter of our curated collections

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